Automated Classification WorkCell

The Automated Classfication Workcell of SUPPRESS Research Team, allows an external user to classify pieces through shape and color, using an industrial robot ABB IRB1400, pneumatics systems and 2 axis handler. The main characteristic of this system is made with indstrial elements.
Maqueta 4 Tanques

The 2 axis handler, conveyor belt and are designed for this special use, and made with aluminum bar. The workcell has an industrial robot, pneumatic, sensory and computational vision systems.
The classification of diferents pieces can be made in two ways: from sensors or from the vision system developed for this application. The industrial robot handles pieces through pneumatic gripper or suction pad.

SUPPRESS Research Team © of Universidad de León design, develop and implement this system.


Components of the system:

  • Robotic cell with ABB robot and controller. It consists of two structures: a robotic arm and the control cabinet.
    • Robotic arm (manipulator). It has two grip systems for pieces: a pneumatic gripper and a suction cup. Robot movements can be defined in three coordinate systems:
      1. Robot base coordinate system.
      2. Tool coordinate system.
      3. Actuator coordinate system.
    • The control cabinet. It controls every manipulator movement. Includes:
      • Control panel. It comprises: main contoller, IO contoller, RS232 channels, IO cards, rectifying unit, serial measuring unit, transformer.
      • Programming unit with the programming functions of the robot and a testing system.
      • Hard disk drive
      • Floppy disk unit
  • Conveyor belt includes:
    • Double acting cylinders
    • Photoelectric sensors
    • Webcam for computational vision
  • Pneumatic manipulator
  • Classification ramp with 3 lanes for 3 types of pieces. Designed for a queues control system.

Fact Sheet

Devices fact sheets:

 ABB components.
       Robot IRB 1400.
 Schneider Electric components.
       Speed drive Telemecanique Altivar 71. 
       PLC Telemecanique Modicon M340 for Utilities.
       PLC TSX57 premium for Control.
       Single Island Advantys STB.
       I/O modules for island STB.
 SMC components.
       Pneumatic cylinder, double acting.
       Bloque 10 Solenoid Valves
       Vacuum Unit.
       Magnetic sensors for cylinders.
       Soft Start-up Valve.
       Valve for general circuit.
       Pressure switch.
 Omron components.
       Inductive switch
       Photoelectric swtich.

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