Feedback Modules

  • Feedback equipment features:

   I. DCM150F

Permanently magnetized drive. The drive shaft was extended to mount magnetic brake and inertial wheels.

   II. PS150E

220V, 50Hz, 40VA Power supply. 24V d.c 2A output, directly connected to the servo amplifier. Stabilized d.c. a ±, 150mA.

   III. SA150D

Servo amplifier that controls the drive power supply.

   IV. IP150H

Potentiometer at the input, with calibrated position indicators.

   V. OP150K

Potentiometer at the output, with an extendable shaft to be directly mounted with the tachogenerator unit.

   VI. GT150

Tachogenerator with a 30/1 reduction system with LED display and d.c. output.