4-tank Model

The 4-tanks industrial model implements the control problem proposed by Karl Henrik Johansson (The Quadruple-Tank Process. A multivariable laboratory process with an adjustable zero. PDF. IEEE Transaction on Control Systems Technology. 2000). LThe main feature of this scale model is its implementation by industrial elements. The Automatic Remote Laboratory of (ULE) provides a remote access via internet to this model.
Maqueta 4 Tanques

The tanks, pipes, tools, drive and control cabinets are mounted on a stainless steel frame (2mx2m). In this design has been claimed that the operation is quick for both SISO systems to MIMO systems. The drives of the three way valves are pneumatic, while the drives of the pumps have variable frequency. It has 4 solenoid valves, one for each tank, that can disturb the operation. The control cabinet is designed to connect systems based on PLC's and systems based on DCS's and it incorporates a number of interlocks and safeguards that ensure the integrity and functionality of the industrial model when they are managed both, locally and remotely.

SUPPRESS research group © from University of Leon designed and developed this system.


The design of the plant aims to achieve:

  1. Mobility: The scale models are mounted on a wheeled panel and all the elements are electric. Only water intake and drainpipe is required.
  2. Flexibility for control: They can be controlled using PLCs, DCSs, PCs or SCADAs.
  3. Remote access via the Internet: They have automatic lock-out mechanisms to ensure safe remote operation.
  4. Broad range of applications: They can be configured to run either basic control experiments or advanced multivariable control, thanks to the interactions that can be set up among the different control variables. Batch operation of the plants using specific applications was also taken into account.

Fact Sheet

LT01 Level D01 Analog 4-20 mA Input
LT02 Level D02 Analog 4-20 mA Input
LT03 Level D03 Analog 4-20 mA Input
LT04 Level D04 Analog 4-20 mA Input
LV05 Level Valve D01-D04 Analog 4-20 mA Output
LV06 Level Valve D02-D03 Analog 4-20 mA Output
SZ01 Pump Converter P01 Analog 0-10 Vdc Output
SZ02 Pump Converter P02 Analog 0-10 Vdc Output
ES01 Confirmation Pump ON P01 Digital 24 Vdc Input
ES02 Confirmation Pump ON P02 Digital 24 Vdc Input
ES03 Pump failure P01 Digital 24 Vdc Input
ES04 Pump failure P02 Digital 24 Vdc Input
ES05 Voltage presence 24 Vdc Digital 24 Vdc Input
ES06 Voltage Presence 220 Vac Digital 24 Vdc Input
FY01 On/Off Pump P01 Digital 24 Vdc Output
FY02 On/Off Pump P02 Digital 24 Vdc Output
LY01 Solenoid Valve D01 Digital 24 Vdc Output
LY02 Solenoid Valve D02 Digital 24 Vdc Output
LY03 Solenoid Valve D03 Digital 24 Vdc Output
LY04 Solenoid Valve D04 Digital 24 Vdc Output

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