Domotic Panel

Maqueta 4 Tanques

The Remote Laboratory of Automatic Control at the University of León has a home automation panel designed and developed by the GENIA group of the Systems and Automatic Control Area at the University of Oviedo. Some new features (remote configurability, parameterization and actuation) have been added.

SUPPRESS research group © from University of Leon designed and developed this system.


The home automation panel consists of a series of sensors, actuators and control components, which are fix to a rectangular panel. They are distributed so that connections can be made easily. Using this panel it is possible make simulation of automatic homes.

Fact Sheet

  • Control
    • MicroPLC: SIEMENS LOGO 230RC
    • Power Supply: SIEMENS 5WG1 121-1A01
    • Filter: ABB 9681
    • Communication: SIEMENS 5WG1 148 1AB02
  • Actuators
    • Fan: LINDA SF23092A PIN2092HST
    • Solenoid valve: CEME 688874NN012S, 4A7
    • Bell: DINUY TI ZBI 000 110/240
    • Lamps: DELECSA
    • Digital output : JUNG SCHALTAKTOR 4 FACH.23116 REG
  • Sensors
    • Flood detector: SIMON 81860-39
    • Flood probe: AGUILERA ELEC. AE98/IN220
    • Thermostat: GRÄSSLIN THERMIO 102
    • Presence sensor: MSQB10A
    • Digital input 4 channels: SIEMENS 5WG1 260-1AB01
    • Switch interface: ABB EIB KNX US/4 4.2

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SIMON 81860-39 flood detector consists of a probe (sensor element), and a detector equipped with a circuit that analyzes the signal from the probe and determines the alarm state (flooding or rest). The detector also has an acoustic alarm and independent LEDs for indication of operating status.

MSQB10A presence sensor responsible for verifying the presence of people in a given space and if there is detection, activating an alarm or other predetermined action. The presence detectors are based on the use of infrared radiation, measuring the temperature and capturing the abrupt change that occurs in presence of a hotter body.

CEME Solenoid valve, whose function is to provide the level of safety at home by closing the main water inlet and neutralizing the potential leakages that may occur. The control of the solenoid valve is connected via wiring (230 V, single phase) with the detectors for leaks.

LINDA MINIAUTURE fan charge of renewing the air of an enclosure, or moving the air in hot weather.

GRÄSSLIN THERMI 102 thermostat that has two parts: A thermometric element based in the expansion of a liquid or gas or the deformation of a metal, and a part of electrical control. The system is regulated to a certain temperature to turn off the heat source when it is overtaken and re-ignite when the temperature drops below the control value.

SIEMENS LOGO 230RC MicroPLC that controls the domotic panel. It has the next parts: Power supply, Operation and display unit, Internal control circuits, Interface for program modules (card) and PC connection cable. The programming of this controller can be directly on it, or through the PC.