Industrial Model

The pilot plant models the most common control loops in industry with the aim to be a valuable tool for their study.
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The Automatic and Manufacture Institute has designed and developed an industrial pilot plant with a 50 l reactor. It is possible to test advanced control strategies, monitoring structures and fault diagnosis algorithms working on the available physical variables: pressure, level, temperature, pH and conductivity.
The Remote Laboratory of Automatic Control at the University of León provides an online monitoring system for the pilot plant based on the application of Visual Data Mining using Self-Organizing Maps.

SUPPRESS research group © from University of León designed and developed this system.


The plant is equipped with a process circuit with recirculation effected by a pump with variable-frequency drive. In this circuit, there is a 50 l reactor and two utility circuits associated to the temperature variable.

The process implemented in the industrial plant controls pressure, temperature, level, pH, flow and conductivity using 8 control loops. These loops are designed to generate interactions among variables, according to the needs of the experiment, so that different control strategies (from basic control to multivariable control) can be studied.

Fact Sheet

Control Nivel
P01 Recirculation Pump Digital 5 V Output
CF01 Drive Frequency Analog 4-20 mA Output
FT01 Flow Magnetic Flowmeter Analog 4-20 mA Input
FV01 Inlet Valve Magnetic Flowmeter Analog 4-20 mA Output
FT02 Flow Mass Flowmeter Analog 4-20 mA Input
FV02 Inlet Valve Mass Flowmeter Analog 4-20 mA Output
LT01 Reactor Level Analog 4-20 mA Input
LV01 Drain valve Digital 5 V Output
Pressure control
PT01 Reactor Pressure Analog 4-20 mA Input
PV01  Pressure Valve Digital 5 V Output
Temperature control
TT01 Reactor Temperature Analog 4-20 mA Input
Sub-cooled water circuit
TV01A Three-way Valve Analog 4-20 mA Output
P03 Pump Digital Digital 5 V Output
FS01 Flow Gauge Digital 10 V Input
Hot water circuit
TT02 Hot water temperature Analog 4-20 mA Input
TV01B Three-way Valve Hot water. Analog 4-20 mA Output
TS01 Thermostat Digital 10 V Input
P02 Pump Digital Digital 5 V Output
R1 Heating resistor 1 Digital 5 V Output
R2 Heating resistor 2 Digital 5 V Output
R3 Heating resistor 3 Digital 5 V Output

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