Ethernet and Profibus networks of PLCs

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The LRA-Ule (Remote Laboratory of Automatic Control at the University of León) provides a tool for configuration and programming of PLCs through the Internet. The use of this tool will allow authorized users to check the correct operation of their programs in a real PLC, not a simulated one. The control system is linked to the industrial process models if the user has the appropriate privileges.

SUPPRESS research group © from University of León designed and developed this system.


Available control systems are: PLCs Premium TSX P57 from Schneider, PLC’S Simatic S7 314 2DP from Siemens, PLC’S XC-CPU 201 from Moeller and DCS SNAP LCM4 from Opto22.

These control systems are linked via OPC (Ole for Process Control) with the data acquisition system of the 4 tanks and 4 variables models.

Fact Sheet

  • Schneider
    • Processor: Premium TSX P57 254
    • 32 digital inputs module: TSX DEY 32D2K
    • 32 digital outputs module: TSX DSY 32T2K
    • Ethernet communication module: TSX WMY 100
  • Siemens
    • Power supply: PS 307 2ª (307-1BA00-0AA0)
    • Central unit CPU: 314C-2DP (314-6CF00-0AB0)
    • Communication module through Industrial Ethernet CP protocol: 343-1GX11-0XE0
    • Analog inputs and digital module.
    • Analog outputs and digitals module.
  • Moeller
    • Processor: XC-CPU201
    • Ethernet communication module.
    • Inputs module.
    • Outputs module.
    • Controller programmation: Normalized language IEC-61131

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