Power Management

Power Management at University of León

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The Institute of Automatic Control and Manufacturing has developed a model for the Management of Electrical Energy at University of León, which can be used to analyze graphically the consumption for every slot.

The main target of this project is to conduct data mining on the energy consumption at the University of León, but it also aims to study the electrical architecture of the network and the installed electric meters, the comparison between the measurements made by the electrical company and the measurements made with the meters of the University of León, the energy pricing at University of León and the monitoring of the electrical consumptions.

SUPPRESS research group © from University of León designed and developed this system.


The monitoring and control network of the electrical consumption at the University of Leon comprises equipment from different manufacturers that coexist on the same network. This network uses two communication protocols: Modbus and TCP/IP. The types of equipment installed in this network are:

  • Electrical Meters: They are focused on billing, and obtain measurements of Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power, THD, etc.
  • Network Analyzers: They are quality control equipments for electricity that measure a greater range of variables. Some of these measurements are: Frequency fluctuations, Voltage fluctuations (slow), Voltage fluctuations (fast), Blink (flicker), Supply Voltage Unbalance, Harmonic Magnitude, Voltage Collapses (DIPs), Voltage interruptions (Short Term), Voltage interruptions (long), etc.
  • Modbus-TCP/IP gateways: They provide access to Modbus networks from TCP / IP. These may be included within network analyzers and meters, or be external to them.

Fact Sheet

  • Network analyzers
    • CM400 (Schneider Electric)
    • ION 7650 (Schneider Electric)
    • Nexus 1252 (Electro Industries)
  • Energy meters
    • PM820 (Schneider Electric)
    • PM850 (Schneider Electric)
    • Shark 100 (Electro Industries)
    • Shark 100-S (Electro Industries)
  • Gateways
    • EGX300 (Schneider Electric)
    • ECC21 (Schneider Electric)

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