Teaching engineering subjects, especially industry-related ones, is difficult because it is necessary to use complex and expensive equipment and facilities.

For that reason, the development of technological platforms that allow the remote access to this type of facilities through Internet is extremely useful. Remote access improves the availability of the equipment and flexibility to define training strategies.

These Internet-based technologies are increasingly important in the field of continuous and self-learning. The Area of Automatic Control of the University of León wants to share Know-How about the implementation of technological platforms that allow the access through the Internet to physical systems such as pilot plants, industrial scale models, robots, home automation panels, electrical and pneumatic drives, supervision systems, etc. From an academic point of view, this type of systems is a powerful tool not only for practical teaching and learning, but also as auxiliary resources for theoretical lectures.

They can be used throughout the lectures, making easier the interaction of the students with real systems. This web offers a remotely available service for learning of Automatic Control topics. Students, professors, and users in general can interact with physical systems of the laboratories performing experiences such as PID control practice on pilot plants with real industrial instrumentation, configuration and programming of PLCs, or monitoring industrial processes, etc.