Electro-pneumatic Panel


Celula This electro-pneumatic panel simulates an assembly line. Component parts move along the assembly line and they are subject to different manufacture processes (drilling simulation, removal of defective components,…). The plant is composed of a series of pneumatic components with magnetic sensors and electrovalves, as well as a conveyor belt controller by an inverter. Registered users can remotely interact with the actuators of the panel, check the current state with a webcam, visualize historic data, load pre-defined strategies or programming them on-line, etc.



  • Components of the electro-pneumatic panel:
  • Actuators
  • Combined linear and rotary actuator MRQBS32-10CB
    Linear translation table MXS25-100AS
    Vertical actuator MXS16-50AS
    Double rack and pinion rotary actuator MSQB10A
    Parallel gripper MHL2-100
    Double effect cylinder CD85N25-100C-B
    Drive 1-LA5060-4AA29-ZS00
  • Detectors
  • Magnetic Detector D-H7A2
    Magnetic Detector D-F79
    Magnetic Detector D-A93
    Photoelectric Detector E3F2-DSIOC4
    Linear encoder CEP1


  • Valves
  • Electrovalve 5/2 ways 1/8 monostable SY5220-5LOU
    Electrovalve 3/2 ways 1/8 monostable SY5120-5LOU
    Electrovalve 5/2 ways 1/8 monostable SY3160-5LOU
    Electrovalve 5/2 ways 1/8 bistable SY3260-5LOU
  • Control
  • Inverter VD 0.37
    Counter CEUP1
    Controller Schneider 
  • Component description:

   I. Electro-pneumatic valves

Electrically controlled valve. A relay controls compressed air passage from one compartment to the other.

   II. Pneumatic actuators

They have a chamber divided by a piston driven by compressed air, which generates rectilinear motion.

   III. Rotary actuator

Rectilinear motion is transformed into rotary motion by means of a rack-pinion system.

   IV. Pneumatic gripper

Two double-acting pneumatic cylinders move the jaws in parallel to the open and closed positions.

   V. Linear encoders

They detect the exact position of the actuator.

   VI. Inverter

It controls the speed and direction of the drive that moves the conveyor belt.

   VII. Magnetic detectors

Electric relay activated by the presence of a metallic element as the piston of the actuator. A digital signal informs if the piston rod is in the desired position.